Plantimals Sticker Sheet - PREORDER

Plantimals Sticker Sheet - PREORDER

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The sticker sheet from the Plantimals Kickstarter available for preorder for a limited time only at discounted prices!

- All original artwork done by 11 different artists

As this is a preorder, the sticker sheet will not ship immediately. They are expected to be completed and shipped out by May 2022, but delays are possible. Your package will be fully tracked, and a tracking number will be provided as soon as the sticker sheets are on their way to you!

Ferret-Me-Not, Forget-Me-Not, and Foxglove Flower designed by Akadya Art
Snapdwagon and Snapdragon designed by Allthedwagons
Foxglove designed by Nayspinclub
Pawppy and Poppy designed by LycheeCoffee
Cherry Bunssom and Cherry Blossom designed by Punimello
Calffodil and Daffodil designed by SleepyRedBean
Helleboar and Hellebore designed by PixelladiumCreations
Aseallea and Azalea designed by MOO MOO LANE
Crowcus and Crocus designed by Prodigium Forge
Gardeernia and Gardenia designed by Otoro Cat
Stagnolia and Magnolia designed by Lexidus Art